Renee Bills Creative is an agency that combines the services of an agent and consultant and provides them a la carte.    


With 20 years of experience as both an agency producer and photo agent, I have a unique perspective of both artist and client.

Having formed a collective of artists, I am able to curate and feature work that is relevant to each agency.  As a freelance agent, my level of involvement can range from image edits, developing a marketing plan, portfolio presentations and personal meetings, and/or managing a job request from inception to completion.  

It is my mission to assist you in developing and distinguishing your brand and attract clients with an aligned vision.


Renee Bills

I began my career as a project manager and realized I wanted to combine my love of photography with my agency background. I made the transition to art producer, which provided me with further insight into the world of photography. My interest led me to join Schumann & Company as a photographer's agent, where I was made partner in 2014.  In 2016 I founded Renee Bills Creative.