My mission is to assist you in developing and distinguishing your brand and attract clients with an aligned vision.


Visual Presentation

Give your brand a voice


 Let your voice be heard

You got the call

Now get the job

Image selection and presentation is critical in distinguishing your brand.

You must go beyond featuring a collection of your favorite images, and curate a body of work that showcases a distinct, cohesive voice.


-Image Evaluation (determining gaps in work, areas for development)

-Website (image edit / category selections / sequencing)

-Printed or Digital Portfolio (image edit / sequencing)

-Specialty pdf (relating to promotion of a personal project or specific body of work

-Image selection for marketing materials (e-promo’s, printed pieces,

award entries, web portals)



Once you’ve nailed your visual presentation, the next step is showing it to the right people.


Together we can determine the best combination of digital, print and face to face efforts.

    Targeted list development
    Individual meetings
    Group portfolio shows
    Marketing plan and schedule based on a budget you’re comfortable with
    Promotional materials
    Award Entries



Now get the job.


I’m also happy to act as your “agent” for a project, and can be involved from the beginning of the bidding process through final image delivery,

Participation on initial creative call

Production Treatment

  Estimates and negotiations

Involvement on all production calls / production support

Client engagement through entire process